Statement by the Interfaith Council of Sweden on the occasion of the attack in Stockholm

The suspected terrorist attack on Friday in Stockholm has shown the cowardly and desperate face of evilness. This terrible act goes against everything we stand for, our values ​​and our traditions.

Attacks of this kind are intended to destroy our society, polarizing and undermine the Swedish diversity of ethnicity, culture and religion.

Our prayers and thoughts are with the victims, the injured and the mourning. In our prayers, we include the staff and fellow humans working on site and around Sweden for a good and safe society.

In our religions there is an ethic that emphasizes honesty, justice, the importance of caring for others and to strive for the common good. People with different religious beliefs believe different, but are united in desire for the good.

Let’s also be aware of rumors and blame, instead we should join together in the desire for the good.

On behalf of representatives from the Interfaith Council of Sweden:

Trudy Fredriksson, Swedish Buddhist Cooperation Council
Mustafa Setkic, The Muslim Council of Sweden
Maynard Gerber, The Official Council of Swedish Jewish Communities
Karin Wiborn, The Christian Council of Sweden
Elias Carlberg,  Interfaith Council of Sweden